The Best VoIP Phone System For Businesses In 2022

Whatever your sector or business model, Nextiva VoIP Phones has definite benefits over conventional telephone networks.


Many businesses are switching from traditional landlines to voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) services as technology evolves and they adapt to constantly changing situations. By connecting with other software, these cloud-based utilities can reduce costs, enhance remote collaboration, and boost productivity.

A VoIP phone system is not dependent on conventional copper phone lines because it is powered by specialized fiber or a high-speed internet connection. All of the hardware and services are remotely managed by a Business VoIP or cloud phone provider in several data centers or locations. System changes to your hardware used to be costly, but with a VoIP system, all upgrades take place automatically.

How Does VoIP Function?

VoIP grew after Internet Service Providers started providing the inexpensive, high-speed connection that it needs to function properly.

Nextiva VoIP Phones function by transforming your analog voice signal into a digital voice signal. After that, data is compressed and sent through your high-speed broadband connection. This speech signal is received by your VoIP provider, who can connect it to other telephone networks like the PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network).

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Benefits of Nextiva VoIP Phone Over Traditional Telephone

Whatever your sector or business model, Nextiva VoIP Phones has definite benefits over conventional telephone networks. Making and receiving long-distance calls from anywhere in the continental United States and from various international destinations is one of the most common. There will never be any additional fees, taxes, roaming charges, or other surprises for business owners.

Monthly billing regularly is another benefit. The majority of unique services include call forwarding, recording, voicemail, caller ID, and others. Additionally, some packages will include security, mobility, and required repairs.

It is advisable to engage with a trustworthy service provider with VoIP partnerships, like Nextiva VoIP Phone, if you are unsure of the features and benefits that will be most beneficial for your company. Nextiva VoIP Phone can guide you through these and other choices.

Instead of using traditional phone lines, affordable VoIP Phone calls are made over the Internet, with the voice signal being sent digitally. Others allow dialing any phone number, whether local, long-distance, mobile, or international, using a computer, a specific VoIP phone, or a standard phone with a VoIP adaptor. Some VoIP systems are just for computer-to-computer communication.

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VoIP Technology Types

After considering the available technologies, affordable VoIP technology may be divided into four primary categories. Each choice has different complexity levels which can influence how simple it is to set up and maintain.

Integrated Access

The VoIP service that most closely matches a landline is integrated access. Businesses can combine VoIP applications with their current, legacy phone systems using integrated access VoIP. By using this strategy, the company can continue using its current phone system and hardware while simultaneously having access to cutting-edge connectivity.

SIP Trunks

The Session Initial Protocol (SIP) allows VoIP customers to make use of shared lines and expand the flexibility of their communications by transmitting audio and video data across a communications system. Since all data is transmitted across a network, companies can utilize SIP trunks to replace existing analog phone networks or connect SIP trunking with existing phone systems by using a VoIP gateway.

SIP trunks are adaptable, compatible with cloud computing, and simple to integrate with PBX telephone systems. Additionally, because the company only pays for the minutes used and there is less need for hardware and physical phone lines, they can result in significant cost savings.

The Hosted IP PBX

This VoIP system is what most people picture when they think of VoIP; a vendor hosts and runs the private branch line while providing unified communications options. The company uses its IP network to connect to a hosted cloud-based PBX network. The hosted IP PBX vendor maintains the phone system hardware remotely, and it is solely their responsibility for the hardware, software, maintenance, security, and upgrades. This can significantly reduce the internal maintenance and training needs that firms incur, as well as the upfront cost of purchasing and configuring a phone system.

This type of solution typically gives small to medium-sized organizations access to a user-friendly control panel from which they can manage and keep an eye on their phone systems while obtaining features like on-hold audio or text, call queuing, auto attendants, and more. Due to its dependability for patient care communication, hosted IP PBX is also well-liked by healthcare firms.

Managed IP PBX

This version of the unified communication system, like hosted IP PBX, is contracted to a third party that handles all administrative requirements, but instead of having phone hardware off-site, the equipment is kept on-site by the company. A set rate based on the number of phone lines is normally charged by the managed PBX provider, who also installs any necessary equipment.

Business Competencies And Objectives Determine The VoIP Technology You Require.

A company can choose the solution that best matches its needs by understanding these various VoIP services. For example, SIP Trunks are more appealing to people who want to control and install their technology while still connecting to VoIP benefits. However, managed IP PBX is a fantastic choice for people who lack the funds to purchase and maintain their VoIP systems. The Hosted IP PBX solution liberates the company from the expense and administrative hassle of maintaining both voice and data lines and the related carrier agreements, allowing them to choose the gear and software that works for them.

Compelling Benefits of using the Nextiva VoIP Phone System

Cost Effective

Nextiva VoIP Phone systems use your current internet connection to make calls. Therefore, the requirement for several phone lines is no longer necessary. Making the switch to a VoIP phone system for your company will show to be cost-effective in today’s dynamic economy and global market. Your monthly ISP fees and licensing fees with your cloud phone provider are your main VoIP expenses. It can be incredibly expensive to call someone using regular phone lines. By moving to an affordable VoIP phone system, you can reduce the cost of long-distance calls overall because the internet is used to transport call data. A VoIP phone system will immediately save your company money over traditional phone lines, which charge per minute of call time.

Unique Characteristics

A wide range of capabilities that VoIP systems offer might boost operational proficiency. You can forward voicemails to emails or text messages, use a mobile app, use instant messaging, and more. A VoIP phone system can accommodate clients who would rather text than make a phone call. You can manage your busy life and your business at the same time by delivering notifications to customers via business SMS. Nextiva VoIP Phone systems give users the choice to check voicemail and transfer calls via mobile apps and Virtual Phone numbers. As a result, having a desk phone becomes less useful throughout a busy day, yet not utilizing one does not adversely affect the needs of your clients. The most modern technological features are readily available on the device of your choosing when using a VoIP phone system.

Works Efficiently

Communication inside your company will be more productive thanks to the comprehensive capabilities a VoIP phone system provides. For instance, you can set up a call to ring on your desk phone for the first few rings, and then move to your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop if no one picks up. Or, you could set them all to ring at once.

You won’t ever miss a crucial call, and checking your voicemail will take less time. Effective communication is essential to the success of your company because your workers may work from a variety of locations, including their homes, the office, or locations all over the world.


Nextiva VoIP Phone Best VoIP Service Option

It’s ideal to engage with a trustworthy company boasting a partnership with a cloud-based VoIP phone service, such as Nextiva, whether you’re looking to integrate VoIP communications for on-site, remote, or hybrid employees. We can assist you in making the best decisions regarding the features, packages, and benefits for your company and employees.

Numerous VoIP service providers supply organizations with appealing plans and add-ons. Finding the ideal one for your business, though, can be difficult. The most important consideration when selecting a VoIP company is its track record for dependability and quality. Small to large organizations and call centers can choose from Nextiva’s VoIP phone service offerings.  The phone service is quite dependable and effective, and every plan includes features that are beneficial in addition to voice calls. In addition, Nextiva provides systems for managing remote workforces in sales, service, and support. One of the most flexible VoIP service providers, it’s a great option for most companies because of the variety of plans Nextiva offers.

Nextiva VoIP provider is a one-stop shop for business communications, offering faxing, group chat, video conferencing, and many more features.

Additionally, Nextiva has won multiple awards for the quality of its products and company operations. To accommodate all business communication requirements, Nextiva provides versatile phone system deployment options, including Appliance, Software, and Cloud Edition, all based on VoIP.

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